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Connecting women mentees & mentors

Mentoring women matters. Through the power of mentorship, women can excel in male-dominated industries, attain leadership positions, and accelerate their careers & businesses. 

LevelUp is a platform that connects mentees & mentors using a streamlined matching approach based on role, industry & career objectives.

Our vision is to empower women to succeed professionally & build a thriving community that supports women from all backgrounds.


App Features

One-stop-shop for women's empowerment



Matching women mentees with women & men mentors

Board Meeting


Connect & network with like-minded individuals

Courses & Events

Advance your career through courses & events

Female Developers

Jobs Board

Browse open positions & take the next step in your career


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Why LevelUp?

Women face inequality and discrimination in many forms: they are underrepresented on boards and in leadership positions, struggle to achieve equal pay, and struggle to raise capital. Countless solutions have been attempted, but even in 2021 little progress has been made on pressing issues such as the gender wage gap and a lack of representation at the highest levels. At LevelUp, we believe that mentorship enables women to gain the confidence they need to obtain leadership roles and develop the necessary skills to thrive in the workplace. However, not only is it difficult to find a mentor, but it is even more difficult for women. LevelUp is solving this problem by creating a mobile app where women mentors & mentees can easily connect, ultimately empowering them to level up (pun intended) in their careers.

Do I have to pay to use LevelUp?

No, LevelUp is completely free!

Is the platform only for women, or can men sign up as well?

Men can sign up as mentors, however at this time they cannot sign up as mentees. In the future, we hope to open up access to everyone! At LevelUp, we believe that male allies in the workplace are immensely important to furthering the development & growth of society as a whole.

How do I know if I'm a mentor or mentee?

Although we believe that anyone has the power and potential to be a mentor or mentee, for the purposes of our mobile app we are defining a mentee as a woman aged approximately 18-25, who is either a university student or recent graduate, and a mentor as a professional of any gender who is 25+ and has 2+ years of industry knowledege and/or experience to pass on.

What does being a mentor and/or mentee involve?

Since LevelUp is not operating as a formal mentoring program, there are no strict guidelines; instead, you are expected to work out with your mentor and/or mentee and determine the duration of the relationship, as well as the length and the frequency of meetings. We have provided some guidelines that you can follow, but they are not strictly enforced. As a mentee you are expected to be coachable and open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and as a mentor you are expected to put in the time and effort required to have a successful mentoring relationship. Nevertheless, we expect each relationship to be unique and accommodating to both parties.

What platforms will LevelUp be accessible on?

The beta version of LevelUp will be accessible as a web app to users who have signed up for early access, and we are planning to release the version after that as an iOS app. In the future, we hope to release an Android version as well!

What can I get out of LevelUp as a mentor and/or mentee?

As a mentor, you have the amazing opportunity to:

  • Play a huge role in your mentee’s career growth & development and see them succeed as a result of your guidance
  • Gain managerial experience and/or become a better leader
  • Access an incredible network of other mentors and professionals who are excelling in their careers
  • Learn from your mentee through reverse mentorship
  • Develop your personal brand by speaking at our events and/or being featured on our blog and social media accounts
As a mentee, there are multiple benefits:
  • Grow & develop in your career and develop a lasting relationship with a professional mentor
  • Connect & network with like-minded mentees & mentors
  • Advance your career through our courses & events
  • Browse open positions on our jobs board & take the next step in your career
  • Develop your personal brand by being featured on our blog and social media accounts

Will my personal information be used?

Your personal information will only be used to match you with the appropriate mentor/mentee. The more information you input, the better your recommendations will be for mentors and/or mentees. At LevelUp, we take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and as stated above, it will only be used for matching purposes.

Is LevelUp industry specific?

No, anyone from any industry can join; however, LevelUp is particuarly interested in having mentors/mentees from male-dominated industries, ie. finance, FinTech, engineering/STEM, blockchain/cryptocurrency, etc.