Three Female Founded Startups: On the Role of Mentorship in Entrepreneurship

There are many women at the forefront of Fortune 500 companies setting forth astounding accomplishments. To become a CEO it takes enormous knowledge, perseverance, strength, integrity, and much more. The path isn’t easy but it is a rewarding one. Three companies with female CEOs are Canva, Eventbrite, and Bumble.

Canva is a graphic design platform that has thousands of pre-made icons to easily make templates from anything to a wedding or an Instagram post (HeyDay, 2021) . It’s very simple to use with many customization features and enables one to save time when it comes to graphic design. The CEO, Melanie Perkins is the entrepreneur responsible for such an innovative and functional tool. She launched Canva in 2013 and now it has over 60 million users monthly. She was still in college when she wanted to launch her idea, with no technical background and over hundreds of investors rejecting her. Despite all of these obstacles, she believed in her idea and that belief took her far. She spent almost two years meeting people, networking, and hiring a team with technical background to have Canva come to life. Finally in 2013 they were ready for a launch and within the first year they had 7 million users! Nowadays, one believes that to become a successful businesswoman it requires an Ivy League education or family connections, but an idea itself can take a person a long way.

Julia Hartz, the CEO of Eventbrite, founded one of the largest self-service digital ticketing platforms. Hartz was never into business or startups, and in fact she spent most of her early 20s working in Hollywood and in media. After meeting her husband in 2003, she continued to work in media but after moving to San Francisco in 2005 she became more involved with the tech industry.. Hartz and her fiance always bounced ideas off of each other and with creating Eventbrite they both saw it as a cool project to work on alongside from their day job. Eventbrite launched in 2006 and it is now a $1 billion dollar company. Hartz talks about how working with her partner allowed her to learn so much but also allowed her individuality to shine. When she became CEO in 2016, she grew it to become a billion dollar company! An idea is never too small and exploring it can bring in an unexpected path.

Lastly, Bumble is a dating app that gives women the first say. It is similar to Tinder in matching with people but on Bumble, women get to text first. The CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble in 2014 to create an empowering dating platform for women. She was a co-founder of Tinder but the environment didn’t make her feel safe and she even filed a sexual harrasment lawsuit for how she was treated. She felt undermined, disrespected, and dismissed so she left Tinder. She used similar strategies she implemented at Tinder with Bumble for it to become a multi billion dollar company. She believed it was important to give women a voice with online dating. Although it must’ve been difficult to put herself first in a time of crisis with Tinder, she did and in the end Bumble is thriving more than ever. Sometimes it can be difficult for a woman to stand up for herself especially when the whole world tells women to be a certain way. However, it is important to stand up for oneself and do what makes one feel proud and accomplished.

Through mentorship with LevelUp, mentors will help build such characteristics within a mentee. Every woman has huge potential and capacity for anything they put their mind to. Mentorship can help with strengthening that potential and setting into action.

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